Night Rain CD

Just released! NIGHT RAIN, a collection of songs by Claire Applewhite to complement the books in the ‘Nam Noir mystery series. Get yours today!


Welcome to St. Louis! Home of the St. Louis Cardinals, Tennessee Williams, Scott Joplin, and of course, the Gateway Arch. Here, thanks to our diverse population, you can enjoy a wide variety of food, culture, and some of the best music in the world. Of course, diversity can accentuate our differences. At times, our greatest strengths may look like obstacles. To me, they look like the perfect opportunity for a riveting story.

St. Louis is my home. My books feature St. Louis landmarks and trivia. In a setting that embraces both tradition and change, my characters must confront and resolve the inevitable conflicts that stem from opposing viewpoints. Yet, these are precisely the types of struggles that make St. Louis a rich and vibrant environment, especially for writers. They know that without conflict, there is no story.

Come and walk the streets of St. Louis, in the dark before the dawn, in the minutes just before midnight, and all the hours in between. Like those who came before you, you too may find something you like. Like I said, St. Louis is my home. And for me, there’s no place like it.

In ’68, the hot smoke and cold eyes of ’Nam stalked ELVIN SUGGS. Now, a blonde in a tight dress and a silver Cadillac has captured his heart, and he doesn’t want to run. Lonely and eager, he trails the temptress with a shady past, rife with corruption and lies. She’s the girl with the Tennessee Plates.


Claire Applewhite

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