Throughout history, tragedy has influenced art. A broken heart, a distant dream, and a stubborn obstacle all illustrate the tenacity and resilience of human nature. Indeed, a man is at his finest when he is tested to his limits. Success seems secondary to his struggle. The ‘Nam Noir series concerns the Journey after the Destination.

One evening in the fall of 1996, I listened to a WWII vet recount his war stories. There was another vet in the room who had received several military decorations for outstanding service in Vietnam. Yet, throughout the evening, he remained silent. Later, he told me how he could not talk about his tour in ‘Nam—not at all. He felt, he admitted, a deep sense of shame and remorse. Yet, he was convinced that, like the WWII veteran, he too had served his country and its citizens. At that moment, I realized I was unwittingly holding a key to a Pandora’s Box. The proverbial elephant lounged in the corner, waiting to be fed. He was not going to go away until somebody noticed him.

The characters in the ‘Nam Noir series voice the challenges faced by Vietnam Vets, everywhere, even now. How they cope, how they relate, and how they build a new life together despite a devastating past–this is their story.