“Thank you, Felicity,” said June. The small woman finished filling June’s bone china coffee cup, and turned to leave, struggling to balance the oversized silver coffee pot. The worry lines on her forehead were more prominent this morning, bathed in the morning sunlight that streamed through the sheer curtains. June, however, did not notice them.

“You know Giles,” said June Senior, lifting her pointed chin, “you look different to me this morning, did you know that?” She studied the plain cornflakes in the flowered bone china bowl in front of her, and sprinkled two generous spoonfuls of sugar over them. “These need some bananas or something, don’t you think so, Giles? Giles? Whatever is on your mind?”

“Mind?” replied her husband. “I don’t mind. Whatever you think is best, darling.” He took a sip from his own cup. Meanwhile, his toast and marmalade remained untouched.

“Oh Felicity!” said June. “Could you please bring me some sliced bananas?” Giles nodded and snatched his silver spoon.

“Of course, June. Bananas are too plain.”

June frowned and stared at the cornflakes. Don’t you just love cereal? You know, I like my food plain, but not too plain, don’t you agree, Giles?”

“Yes, well.” For a second, June seemed speechless, but the moment didn’t last. “You know Giles, I spoke to Bunny this morning.”

Giles munched his toast. His mouth full of crumbs, marmalade dripping from his lips, he attempted an answer. “Bananas, June. Right.”

“Well, I don’t know if you’ve noticed it or not, but you know Giles, Dan just seems so distracted these days, even when he’s with Bunny. And cross! Did you hear the way he snapped at me the other day? Well, of course you did, what am I saying?”

Without a word, Felicity entered the dining room, bearing a small dish of sliced bananas on a silver tray. Her narrow mouth pursed in restraint, she set the dish next to June, her eyes downcast.

“Thank you, Felicity,” said June.

June took a deep breath and arranged some banana slices on the cereal, then trickled some milk from a tiny bone china pitcher into the bowl. She paused until the maid had left the room to continue her interrogation.

“So, tell me Giles, what do you think? Don’t you think that Dan is a bit distracted these days? You do think so Giles, I can tell, I just know you agree with me on this.”

She opened her mouth with the tiny yellow teeth, and took a large bite of soggy cornflakes and bananas. A fly landed on the back of Giles’ hand. He whisked it off and rose from the table.

His gaze seemed fixed on a distant object.

“Chicken will be fine, June. See you tonight, darling.” He strolled through the door and down the drive and through the massive gates, where Rocco waited with the Mercedes. Time to check up on young Daniel.

June ate her cornflakes and bananas in silence. She supposed they would have chicken tonight.

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